Workshops on agile working methods

Agile project management is a response to the increasing speed with which projects must be completed and to the realization that in many projects deviations from the plan are the rule rather than the exception. The requirements for the project result are often not completely described at the beginning of the project. With conventional project management, a change in requirements almost always leads to higher costs or longer project durations. With agile project management, such changes are included in the planning. This helps to realistically estimate the costs and keep to the schedule.

In this workshop both agile methods of project management and general agile working methods, outside of projects, will be presented.

Module A) Project Management Techniques

  • task boards
  • Progress, Plan, Problems – PPP Meetings
  • use cases
  • User Stories & Epics
  • Standup Meetings
  • Work-in-Progress Limits
  • Definition of Done

Module B) Agile working methods

  • Scrum
  • design thinking
  • Kanban
  • Sprints
  • Backlogs

Module C) Important leadership roles in the agile working world

  • product owner
  • scrum master
  • The Team



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