Workshop to develop your digital strategy

The workshop “Development of a digital strategy” shows the importance of a digital strategy and the essential aspects it contains. Using various examples, it is explained how the digital maturity level of a company is determined, which, in comparison with the target state worked out in Module 3, forms the basis for the path to the goal and the formulation of a strategy.

Table of contents:

Module A) Meaning and parameters of a digital strategy

  • The importance of a digital strategy
  • Shopping Behaviour 2025
  • omnichannel retailing
  • Value chains of the future
  • Category Management & Supply Chain 2025
  • New technologies
  • The VUCA world

Module B) Determination of the digital maturity level

  • Brand & values – what does the company stand for?
  • Description of the USPs
  • What is the competitive position?
  • Who are the customers?
  • Description of the product portfolio
  • Description of the essential business processes
  • IT infrastructure and architecture
  • Existing networks and cooperation

Module C) Strategy: The target state and the path to the goal.

  • Development of the target situation
  • formulation of a strategy


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