Workshop for digital leadership

The success factor of a digital strategy is not only the strategy itself, but the answer to the question of how the implemented strategy is lived. The right leadership skills are crucial for success in the digital world. Digital Leaders act on the basis of different principles than managers have done so far.

This workshop shows what “Digital Leadership” means and what conditions should be created in companies to benefit from Digital Leadership.

It is aimed at owners, board members, managing directors and executives (C-Level), as well as management circles in companies

Module 1) Introduction

  • What does “Digital Mastery” mean?
  • The DNA of Digital Masters

Module 2) Building Digital Capabilities

  • What is a compelling customer experience?
  • Technology, processes, data
  • New values through new business models

Module 3) Building Leadership Capabilities

  • Digital vision comes from the very top
  • What customers want and what the company can achieve
  • Collaboration and open communication
  • Co-Creation & Innovation
  • Focus on increasing the “Digital IQ” of the company
  • understanding of technology
  • Organization for change



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